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The Brook Lee Catastrophe
Brook Lee: Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Paul Mitchell: Violin
Player 3: Electric Guitar
Player 4: Bass Guitar
Player 5: Drums

Music Style / Genre Modern Folk
Original / Cover Material 100% Original Material
Musical Influences  
History of Performer / Band

A Johnny Cash baritone issuing from a Bob Dylan soul, bound together in the search for truth in all its brutal beauty – that’s where you’ll find the music of The Brook Lee Catastrophe. With the release of his third studio effort titled, Mistakes Pt. 1, Brook Lee is set to open a new chapter in his ongoing story. On his most mature work to date, Lee adds new layers to his music by incorporating found sounds and sonic experimentation while remaining firmly anchored in the classic songwriting skills that have built his reputation.

After meeting violinist/producer Paul Mitchell (Arbor Circle, Calico Days) on a West Coast Tour, Lee spent almost 2 years recording over 30 songs inside a tiny Long Beach apartment. Mitchell’s lush string arrangements and an arsenal of local musicians helped create a flowing melodic undercurrent beneath Lee’s signature guitar compositions.

With one foot in the 60’s and the other in the experimental now, Mistakes Pt. 1 reveals the fruits of a collective effort in all its bittersweet glory. As the recording sessions progressed, Lee began to realize that “the songs and ideas were getting bigger than just me. It became an amalgamation of all these players coming through, and I wanted to acknowledge that.” Thus was born The Brook Lee Catastrophe.

The current 5-piece line up allows the live show to range from sparse minimalism to a full-bodied crescendo. Incorporating such traditional instruments as Violin, Drums, Bass, Guitar, and playing them off of more random elements as a toy xylophone, cheese grater or heater grate, keeps the show engaging and raw. This combined with Lee’s striking stage presence and the band’s obvious rapport with each other creates a harmony that is contagious. Catch The Brook Lee Catastrophe at a venue near you.
Press Reviews / Credits “(Lee's) songs testify that sparse and well-arranged material can resonate as powerfully as rock's loudest proponents”— OC Register

“a rare treasure that listeners should hunt down”—Daily Titan, Cal State Fullerton

“45 minutes of music as inspiration”—OC Weekly

“Teeters on the brink of sadness and wit…”—New Times, San Luis Obispo
Albums / Where Available

Mistakes Pt. 1, 2005
Losing Esperanza, 2003
Live at the Kung Fu Cafe, 2002
Sorry I'm Late, 2000

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